Financial planning

Budgeting is fundamental to the achievement of financial independence and with time and serious commitment the results of following a solid budget can be financially rewarding

Brian Evans achieved his qualifications and attained his designation as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), in 2003.

The age old saying is well stated… that people really do not ‘PLAN TO FAIL’  they just ‘FAIL TO PLAN’. So often people procrastinate to establish a long-term plan for their financial future and the financial security of their families and loved ones. Putting it off until tomorrow will only extend that weight you feel in your mind that haunts you. If you are looking to get a round to it… we have a ‘round tuit’ for you! Let us help you get on a confident path forward. You will feel much better.

Using up-to-date planning software and his knowledge of financial products and opportunities, Brian will help you prepare, plan and implement you and your family’s financial future. This will include asset accumulation, anticipated retirement income projection and by utilizing life insurance products, managing potential risks to your plan. It only takes a call to Brian J. Evans Financial Services. We will help you understand the solutions to the challenges of your path forward.


Planning, controlling, formulation, analysis, evaluation…

all concepts and terms commonly applied to budgeting strategies, yet for a majority of people, adopting a budget into their lifestyles and more specifically their financial affairs can pose a challenge. Developing a strategy for your financial affairs begins with a mindset that is willing to adopt new patterns of thought. Budgeting defines the boundaries we place upon ourselves and can act as a compass when we are faced with financial decisions or enticements. If your financial situation needs immediate attention, one solution should be to develop a written budget. Click here to print our worksheet titled “Understanding My Budget Opportunities”.